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Mold Inspections

Signs of Mold

Is there a musty smell in the building? Are there visible signs of water damage on the walls, ceiling, floor, anywhere? Has the home ever experienced a leaking roof, a plumbing leak, a sink or sewer back-up or overflow, a flood, or any other water problems?

H2O 911 mold inspection (sometimes referred to as a mold assessment or mold survey) of homes and commercial buildings is performed adhering to standard methods, practices, and protocols of the IICRC, CIE and CRMI. It encompasses a wide range of data sources, giving you the most accurate conclusions possible.

Because mold cannot live without moisture, sources of moisture are one of the focal points of our investigation. During the thorough visual inspection of your structure (including the attic, crawl spaces and basement) we examine:

  1. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems
  2. The moisture content of floors, walls and ceilings–even beneath surfaces–using a non-invasive moisture meter
  3. The humidity of the indoor air, using a properly calibrated meter
  4. All water-damaged areas
  5. An examination of moisture barriers for proper installation and condensation occurrence, via a fiber optics scope
  6. Existing wall openings (whenever possible)
  7. Discovery of the point of water intrusion in water-damaged areas
  8. A definitive report of adjacent and contiguous property contamination sources
  9. An assessment of property damage

H2O 911 has locations in Naples and Fort Myers, and provides mold inspections to Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, and other surrounding areas.