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Leak Detection

Finding a Water Leak

Find water leaks before they cause serious problems. Having water leaks in your home or place of business can cause serious problems and cost you lots of money if not repaired quickly. At H2O911 Restoration, we aim to find and fix your water leaks with minimal invasive destruction to your property. Our services include water leak detection, slab leak detection, pipe leak detection, and underground leak detection.

Areas with leak symptoms include:

• Attics
• Bathrooms
• Concrete slabs and asphalt
• Sprinkler systems

Leak detection requires sophisticated equipment to ensure you find the source of the water leak. One way we find water leaks is by the use of Infrared Thermal Imaging. With thermal imaging, we can see behind your walls without making holes in them. Using this technology allows us to detect slab water leaks, pipe water leaks or leaks from your sprinkler system.

Having water leaks can cause damage to your ceiling, flooring, and in your walls. If left untreated, you will endure higher water bills and face potential structural integrity damage. Leaking water will also create a lot of extra moisture, which can lead to mold. Water leakage under your flooring will also be sure to ruin carpeting and hardwood floor, and may also indicate a slab leak. If you hear excessive water running from your toilet or other areas, you probably have a water leak. Trust the experienced team at H2O911 Restoration to come assess any water leakage situations.

Leak symptoms can include:

• Wet areas
• Hearing running water when you know no water should be running
• Cracks in walls or floors
• Discolored flooring
• Mold, mildew, excessive moisture under carpets, or soggy spots
• High water bills
• Sewer Odor

H2O 911 offers leak detection and has locations in Naples and Fort Myers that serve Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, and surrounding areas.