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Bonita Springs Mold Cleanup Job

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Project Description

Mold Cleanup Bonita Springs

December 9th, 2015

In December of 2015, H2O911 was called by a client in Bonita Springs, FL. The homeowner had a mold problem. We were able to send our certified mold inspectors to the property to determine the source and develop a remediation plan.

Once H2O911 arrived on site we noticed a significant amount of mold growth on the walls and ceiling that could cause to health issues. We created a remediation plan and succesfully used techniques to cleanup and remove mold that was visible. After performing an air quality test to ensure the home was mold free, we were able to give the homeowner a certificate of successful mold remediation.

As with any mold problems in Bonita Springs, homeowners should be very careful about disturbing any existing mold spores as they can become airborne and move about the property contaminating other areas with mold. Always call a proper mold remediation company such as H2O911 to help.

Project Details