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AC Drip Line Leak Caused Water Damage

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Project Description

AC Drip Line Leak Caused Water Damage

Sometimes running the Air Conditioner too much or with a clogged filter can cause condensation in a humid environment to freeze the compressor over with ice. This freeze over can cause airflow issues and stop the air conditioning unit from functioning. The real problem occurs when the drip tray below the condenser is clogged or misaligned. What happens then is the ice caused by the humidity begins to melt, either filling or overflowing the drip pan and causing water damage.

Leak detection with thermal imaging

When moisture appears on the wall, such as the case with this client in Fort Myers, sometimes the only way to determine the source of moisture is with thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging cameras help detect temperature differences in walls and can show moisture that is invisible to the human eye. When moisture intrudes a wall cavity or floor causing water damage, the wall or floor tends to be a lower temperature than a normal dry surface and can help us show the source of the leak. In this client’s instance, the leak stemmed from an overflowing drip pan that was clogged and allowed water to drip down into the ceiling and cause significant water damage.

If you ever notice moisture in your floor or walls, be sure to call H2O911 and we’ll bring our thermal imaging cameras out to find the source, repair the damage and get you back to normal life.

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