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October 2018

Jody Muff

For her constant willingness to help coworkers, our team has nominated Jody Muff as October’s Employee of the Month!

Jody has been with us for about 4 years and has taken on many roles since! Her job title may be “Accounts Payable” – but she does so much more than that!  Jody makes sure all our licensing is in check, she manages our carpet/tile cleaning scheduling, she coordinates necessary work with other contractors and she manages payroll. She also handles all our inner office IT issues – from getting the internet back up, to figuring out what that beeping noise is on the printer that won’t stop – she always knows how to fix it! When it comes to company events or birthdays, Jody is the organizer! She makes sure everything is covered, and that everyone feels important on their special day. Some of her other roles include (but aren’t limited to) being the company nurse, the office therapist, and the office baker! 😉  No matter what the situation is, Jody is always willing to help!

When Jody isn’t busy lending a helping hand, she enjoys attending her son’s games, getting her nails done and baking! She also has two adorable French bulldogs, named Winnie and MJ.

Our team is beyond grateful to have someone as caring and patient as Jody! We appreciate all of her help, and how gracefully she wears so many hats within our company!

September 2018

Shane Morgan

We know a 5-Star employee when we see one! And that’s why our team has nominated Shane for September’s Employee of the Month!

Since joining our team a few months ago, Shane has exceeded everyone’s expectations! He has a great personality that not only works well with our team, but our customers love him as well. When we asked other team members what they like the most about Shane, they said “Shane keeps the mood light, and keeps everyone smiling when things get stressful out here in the field.” What a great teammate!

Our team can also describe Shane as eager to learn. He has a very strong desire to further his knowledge and expand his education in the field. In addition, another one of Shane’s strong points is that he is dependable, and willing to work overtime when an emergency arises. Shane has goals of growing within the company, and he is certainly on the right track!

When he isn’t busy expanding his restoration knowledge, Shane enjoys tinkering with his car. He loves exotic cars, and we’re certain with his knowledge and determination that he may own one or two one day! 😊

We are very thankful to have someone like Shane on our team, and you will certainly value his hard work as well!

August 2018

Helynn Young

When it came to choosing August’s Employee of the Month – it wasn’t very hard… Joining our team  about 2 months ago, Helynn has exceeded expectations since the day she started!

Management and the rest of the team didn’t take long to notice that Helynn caught on very quickly. She is not only a dedicated team player, but a great leader and role model as well! She is a self-starter, with a great attitude and always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Her quality of work is substantial, with every job being completed to the utmost detail and expectations of the customer.

Our team can count on Helynn during a time of urgency, which is so important in our industry! Helynn had just walked in one evening from a long day at a very big job and was about to head home when another large flood came in.  With no hesitation she responded, “Sure thing – what’s the address?” and headed back out! We all know that feeling of relief when we see 5 o’clock after a long a day, right? Helynn didn’t even give it a second thought!

But Helynn’s leadership skills don’t stop here – she also coaches the girl’s basketball team for Cape Coral High School! When not on call for the weekend, you can find her out on Sanibel fishing with her doggy, Gypsy. She likes to play pool at local hot spots and, like most of us, Helynn is also a serial Netflix Binger…What better way to relax?!

We’re beyond fortunate to have Helynn as part of our team and look forward to seeing her grow with our company!

July 2018

Geoff Moore

When it comes to going the extra mile, we know we can count of Geoff, and that’s why we’ve nominated him for our July employee of the month!

Geoff has been with us for almost 5 years as a Certified Mold Estimator, and our clients love him! We hear very frequently that he is polite, patient, and very knowledgeable. Having mold or water damage to your home can be very stressful, and you may have a lot of questions that arise. When Geoff is in your home, we can assure you he will complete a thorough inspection and provide you with an estimate designed to remediate your home, with your best interests in mind.

We value Geoff’s work ethic greatly here in the office. He is a dedicated and loyal employee that our entire team can count on. If needed, Geoff is willing to work weekends or provide afterhours inspections for customers with a challenging work schedule.

Geoff is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and has 2 older sons. In his spare time, he likes to play golf, workout, and hangout with his rescue Mastiff, Aries.

We are honored to have him as a part of our team, and value all of his hard work!

June 2018

Jaime Vanegas

Meet Jaime – Jaime specializes in repairs and air duct cleaning but this month we want to recognize him for being a team player!

A client contacted us recently for exceptionally large water loss in hotel, and we needed some extra hands. With no hesitation whatsoever, Jaime hopped on board to assist the team in stabilizing the loss until the early hours of the morning! He had already had a long, and hard day – but you would never have known because he is always smiling and willing to help!
Coming up on his 5-Year Anniversary with our team, there is so much to be said about Jaime! He is also well known for being dependable, consistent, and personable. Jaime works well and gets along with everyone! He is often the first one in the office, and the last one to leave…he loves to keep busy!
When you ask Jaime what his favorite part about repairs is, he’s quick to respond with “Painting! I love to see the finished product! And, I love when the customer is impressed.” Jaimie is very committed to his projects, and his strong attention to detail reflects in every job he’s assigned to.

April 2018

Stephen “Cupcake” Krauz

I’d like to introduce you to “Cupcake”, our April Employee of the Month! (Stephen earned the nickname Cupcake when he was in high school from his team mates, and through the years it’s stuck with him!)

We knew this guy was a team player right from the start! Joining us in September of last year, Cupcake became an asset to our company almost immediately following the wrath of Hurricane Irma. During this chaotic time for our customers, Cupcake proved himself to be personable during their time of distress and dedicated to helping get their homes restored.

As the year has gone on, he has continued to prove himself in ways that can sometimes be hard in this industry. As a 24/7 Emergency Services company, our technicians are often sent to emergencies unexpectedly, even once they have gone home for the day. Cupcake is always available and willing to go to a water loss, no matter what time of the day it may be. And no matter how late into the night he is there with a customer, he still shows up to work the next day – not a minute late! He is hardworking, reliable, and a team player with great customer service skills. Hey, who couldn’t love a technician named Cupcake, right?

It is very clear in his work performance that Cupcake is constantly striving to be better, do better and grow within our company, which is something we value tremendously about him. In addition to all of his accomplishments, he is also WRT Certified through IICRC.

When he’s not busy saving homes, you can find him bowling, or fishing at the beach with his boston terrier!

If you see him on your job site, rest assured you are in good hands. We’re lucky to have Cupcake as part of our organization, and we look forward to having him grow with us for years to come!