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Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

A natural disaster can happen anytime and once it happens, the time to prepare is gone. That is why it is important to prepare for any disasters that may happen. Knowing what to prepare in advance can ultimately save your life as well as your family and friends’ lives.

disaster-prepardness Be Prepared


One important way to prepare is to compile a Basic Disaster Supply Kit. At a minimum, you should prepare for at least 3 days and nights. A basic emergency supply kit should include the following recommended items:

Disaster Emergency Kit

If you have obtained the necessary supplies for a basic emergency supply kit above, you might consider adding the following optional items;

In an emergency, someone might suffer an injury and need to be treated. It is wise to be prepared to know how to treat minor injuries, know how to stop bleeding, prevent infection, and assist in decontamination. Any serious disaster survivalist may consider taking a first aid class to learn these vital skills.

Do you have adequate supplies on hand

A First Aid Kit can include many things. The list below is not exhaustive, but including these items will help in the treatment of minor injuries that may be sustained in an emergency situation.

Additional information on First Aid Kits can be found at Redcross.org.

If you or your family have any special needs, the following items also should be considered in your first aid kit.

If you, your family, or friends have a baby, include:

For more information on caring for children in an emergency, please visit Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.

Other items to consider for adults in an emergency situation are:

Prepare for Disaster Now

For more information, visit ready.gov/kit.

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