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About H2o911

H2o911 is a disaster cleanup and restoration company in Naples, Florida.

13 Steps We Follow When Removing Mold

H2O911 frequently follows steps and protocols when remediating mold in a residential property. Reasons for setting proper goals and procedures are to ensure that the property is fully rid of the mold problem and that there is no chance for it to return. Here are our steps: 1. We fully fix the problem that [...]

Water Damage Category vs. Class

When it comes to water damage, you may hear our water damage technicians discussing two different terms used while describing a water damage loss - water damage class & water damage category. While these two terms may sound similar, they in fact are very different. In today's post we’ll describe the distinct differences between [...]

Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit

It’s still hurricane season and you need a disaster preparedness kit! Here in Southwest Florida, a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tropical storm can happen anytime and once it happens, the time to prepare is gone. That is why it is important to prepare for any disasters that may happen. Knowing what [...]