Roof Leak Caused Water Damage


Roof Leak Caused Fort Myers Water Damage
Sometimes the cause of a leak is exactly what you think it would come from, a roof leak.
An ongoing problem may also include mold damage.
In the case for this client, the roof leak wasn’t the only issue. Once our water damage technicians were able to find the source, […]

AC Drip Line Leak Caused Water Damage

AC Drip Line Leak Caused Water Damage
Sometimes running the Air Conditioner too much or with a clogged filter can cause condensation in a humid environment to freeze the compressor over with ice. This freeze over can cause airflow issues and stop the air conditioning unit from functioning. The real problem occurs when the drip […]

Toilet Leak Water Damage – Ft Myers

Toilet Leak Water Damage
Some of the problems that face tenants in a multi-story condo complex is the fact that if someone above you suffers water damage, the problem can soon be yours if the water is not extracted and moisture not dried immediately.
Water Damage in Ft Myers
Recently we had a client in Ft Myers […]

Fort Myers Flood Cleanup

Fort Myers Flood Cleanup РSewage Backup
January 18, 2016

In January of 2016 we had a client call us due to a complete sewage backup and flood. We didn’t know what to expect when we got on site, but wow…It was actually pretty bad. We’ve definitely seen worse but category 3 sewage water was backed up […]